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Dips, Salsas & Seasonings
Wholesale $22.80/dozen
With our large variety of dips, salsa, and seasonings, you're sure to find something to add just the right kick to any dish!

Sopaipilla Mix
Nothing compliments southwest cooking like these bread puffs or little bread pillows. Serve piping hot with honey or honey butter. Wholesale $ 39.00 dozen
Margarita Pie
This easy to make no bake pie is a must have for any occasion!

Garlicky Jalapeno Salsa
Terrific blend of wild peppers & garlic!

Hearty Southwest Salsa
Just add fresh or diced tomatoes! 
Fantastic Fiesta Dip
Wonderful red chili flavor
Mix with sour cream & mayonnaise  
Jalapeno & Cilantro Dip
Great for cilantro lovers!
Mix with sour cream & mayonnaise 
Green Chili Dip
Great for green chili lovers!
Mix with sour cream & mayonnaise 
Fiery Vegetable Dip
For those who like it it hot, with habanero!
Mix with sour cream & mayonnaise 
Southwest Guacamole Dip
For avocado lovers!
Add sour cream, lime or lemon juice, and two avocados  
Southwest Vegetable Jalapeno Dip
For a mild jalapeno flavor
Mix with sour cream & mayonnaise 
Chipotle Spinach Dip
Smokey spinach flavor with roasted jalapeno
Mix with sour cream & mayonnaise 
Chili con Queso Dip
Delicious with chips & vegetables!
Mix with melted cheese & milk  
Pasole Black Bean Salsa
Posole Seasoning
A traditional New Mexican spice and corn stew made with pork or chicken to celebrate life's blessings!
Once you try this, you will want to celebrate blessings every chance you get!
Black Bean Salsa

"The Best From the Southwest",  Just add tomatoes!
Wholesale by the dozen

Enchilada Sauce  Taco and Buritto mix 
Taco & Burrito Meat Seasoning
Make your tacos and burritos taste like the flavor of the good ole Southwest.
Wholesale by the dozen.
Enchilada Sauce with Red Chili
Powerful Red Chili flavor, just add water.
Wholesale by the dozen.  
Dip Recipes
Recipes for our Dips & Salsas  
Wholesale by the dozen
Wholesale $47.40/dozen
A collection of New Mexico Christmas recipes.
Wholesale $47.40/dozen

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